café do brasil 1998-2019
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The exhibition "Café do Brasil" (1998-2019) was held in Para Site Gallery from September 13 to November 24, 2019. Para site Gallery is an important art center and one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore the connection and retrospection of contemporary art and time memory. Café do Brasil is curated by Qu Chang.

The exhibition is composed of three chapters - "coffee shops", "all tomorrow's parties" and "together". Through the historical exhibition established by Para site for more than 20 years, the thinking and creation of contemporary young artists, and the public programme series carried out interactively with the activities, it explores the coexistence and fracture of inheritance reference and emotional struggle in the context of humanity.

The layout of the exhibition is based on the cultural context of "Café do Brasil", which is divided into three parts to narrate, and several important moments are highlighted in the exhibition route. With the change of space rhythm, we create rich and interesting spiritual experience for Para Site Gallery.

Enclosed, separated, different forms of conceptual units are presented in geometric vocabulary, which can be regarded as overall space use or can be divided into independent compartments, each stating this humanistic distribution center operating in Tsim Sha Tsui in the 1960s. The circular area brings the possibility of interaction to the space with the installation artworks of the participating artists. People's viewing and sights have also become part of the exhibition activities.All these share an emphasis upon personal and social, individual and collective.   

Project name: Café do Brasil: 1998 - 2019
Location: Hong Kong
Exhibition area: 328 ㎡
Client: ParaSite Gallery
Designer: Daipu Architects
Director: Dai Pu
Design team: Fang Zheng, Wang Ninghui