the road to brilliance
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"The Road to Brilliance - China Modern Art Exhibition” is held in Beijing Shixiang Art Space from April 8, 2017 to June 8. Daipu Architects provided unique design solutions for the exhibition.
Shixiang Art Space constitutes of a large and spacious main exhibition hall and two low auxiliary exhibition halls. Daipu Architects designed to build two long corridors to achieve the organic connection of the main exhibition hall and the two auxiliary exhibition halls.  Photos and documents of the twelve artists invited by this exhibition were displayed inside the corridors. While people walk through the corridors reflecting on the life and creation done by twelve artists, they have naturally completed the transition from one exhibition hall to another. The concept of strolling in the corridor minimized the height differences and the separation of the three exhibition halls, and implicitly echoed the exhibition theme – the road to brilliance. Corridors have several exits on both sides; people could either choose to view all the photos and documents of the artists displayed in the corridors, or exit to other areas of the exhibition from the corridors, experiencing the fun of various exhibition routes. Daipu Architects also designed two semi-enclosed panels in the main exhibition hall, providing more exhibition routes and multi-space arrangements for this exhibition.
The exhibition selects twelve artists with important representative and historical significance as case studies. Through the display of representative works and historical literature of these artists, Wei Tianlin, Zhang Guangyu, Wu Dayu, Zhang Zhengyu, Qiu Xiu, Pang Xun, Sha Qi, Zhu Danian, Zhang Ding, Gu Yuan, Wu Guanzhong and Su Tianci, the exhibition seeks to explore the evolution of traditional Chinese art to the origins of modern art, and trace back to the road of Chinese Modern art.
"The Road to Brilliance - China Modern Art Exhibition" is hosted by Shixiang Art Space, and Li Dajun, the founder of Shixiang Art Space, is the curator.  The exhibition is co-organized by Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd., China Guardian International Auction Co., Ltd. and Beijing Kuangshi International Auction Limited Company.

Project title: Exhibition Design of "The Road to Brilliance - China Modern Art Exhibition"
Location: Tongzhou, Beijing
Exhibition area: 610 ㎡
Client: Beijing Shixiang Space Culture and Art Limited
Designer: Daipu Architects
Director: Dai Pu
Design team: Dai Pu, Zhan Yu, Da Xueyun, Luo Yueci