jewelry exhibition – triple parade
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How to present so many jewelry art works in a limited space, while accommodate enough audience is my first consideration. My first impression of the original space is that it is just too oppressive. So i compress width of showcases to 350mm and give more freedom in longitude and vertical dimension.

Extracting elements of Kandinsky's painting to organize audience's flow on plan. In the space, i try to present a perfect landscape image: giving several dynamic skylines in the space. And different heights varies from 1100mm to 300mm, giving rich possibilities of different ways of watching, including a bench for watching projector. 

Project title: Jewelry Exhibition - Triple Parade
Location: Shenzhen, China
No. of floors: 1F
Building Area: 60 ㎡
Artists: Gijs Bakker, Lucy Sarneel, Sun Jie
Design Architect: Daipu Architects
Design: 2014.01
Construction: 2014.02