gallery delta
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According to the request from our client, this project was only allowed to change interior design with remaining all the previous structures. However, handling this project with the architect's point of view, we were able to create the connection between space and structure cleverly, and change the space revolutionary. To solve a restricted two-span square space problem, we rotated an angle of the axis to bring a dynamic movement to the whole space. Also, to create a rich and various spatial morphology, we used the circulation to reform the relationships between the indoor, outdoor, the 1st and 2nd floor space. 

At the same time, we also created a multi-dimensional way of exhibition space. Passers-by are unexpectedly attracted by the space. Here it would turn into a meeting place.  A small pond would let people to enjoy the cool breeze. Even during the visit, people can still go outdoor from second floor and can have a nice view of mountains. 

By breaking the closed white-box mechanism, we bring more art activities and visitors to be exposed to the public. By doing this, new exhibition space is generated. And artists could have more freedom to use the outdoor spaces.

The current state of the art-gallery and its system could be analogically described as a plain shoe box that's gradually closing itself. It's representing a dull and depressed hierarchical order and a sense of stagnancy in exploring and discovering new meanings and values for artists of this generation and creative activity participants alike. 
In this project, we are trying to create a dynamic triangle as circulation to divide the space, exposing the private art activities contained inside to the public on the outside. We are also trying to motivate more possibilities of art production, such as educational programs, live shows and so on within such space.
Meanwhile, the triangle path connects different floors and provides a freer path for the audience as well as those who accidentally enter the gallery, creating an art space where unexpected and exciting interactions could be promoted between the general public and the academic audiences.

Project title: Gallery Delta

Location: Zunyi, Guizhou, China
Height: 7.1 meter
No. of storeys: 2F
Area: 1006.65 square meters
Design Architect: Daipu Architects
Director : Dai pu
Design Team: Cai yannan,Wang xinyi,Luo yueci,Zhang cuicheng,Mina Park,Carrie LI,Sooyeon Jeong,Mohamed Hassan
Design: 2017.1 – 2017.11