taikang space – building issues
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In the context of the existing exhibition space and upon observing the form of the works of the participating architects, we imagine the entire exhibition space as the brain of "an architect". We hope the visitors will observe and perceive the knowledge structure and interests of this "architect" through the visiting or invading process.

These architects' work narratives present the features of spatialization in dimension. So we assume the brain of the "architect" as the space structure of his daily life, and integrate the existing Taikang Gallery's scattered spaces through  the concept of "studio", "foyer", "living room", "kitchen" and "bedroom" as a thread.

In form or intention, the several spaces correspond to the above-mentioned function divisions respectively. The immersive exhibition design also implicitly echoed the exhibition theme of "Building Issues".

Project title: Taikang Space "Building Issues" 
Location: Beijing, China
No. of floors: 1F
Exhibition Area: 245 ㎡
Client: Taikang Space
Design Architect: Daipu Architects
Design: 2017.10
Construction: 2017.10