vanke street
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The project is located in Vanke Changyang Peninsula, Fang Shan District, Beijing - Impression 37° Block. As its name suggests, 37° is the closest to the human body's temperature. We were committed to creating a commercial block with temperature and attracting more residents to join in the community life.

The closure of the original building façade prevents interaction between the internal space of the shops with the street, and a sense of dreariness in the neighbourhood is born. We activated the façade by combining several different units in a modular fashion. Within the budgeted cost, the rhythm of the imitation wood grilles is controlled to add visual interest to the pedestrian zone, while the open, warm image of the building ensures the vitality of the walking experience during the cold season in the north China.

The new mid-block Grand Staircase activity device serves as a seating area for an open-air cinema in summer and autumn, as well as an entrance sign that attracts people to walk directly to the inner street on the second floor, and at the same time, it further interrupts the long, regular street into a suitable place for stopping and strolling.In addition, the new block allows people to discover their own space for solitude or gathering in the most comfortable experience, reinforcing the residents' sense of community and intimacy.

The height of the curb has been lowered to enhance the interaction and complementarity of shops on both sides of the street, as well as to allow for a more comfortable experience at the pedestrian interface. 37° Street presents a different community scene at different times of the day, stimulating a more diverse range of businesses and attracting more residents to join in the community life.

Project title: Vanke Street
Location: Beijing, China
Height: 12.9 meter
No. of storeys :3F
Area: 7800 ㎡
Design Architect: Daipu Architects
Director : Dai pu
Design Team: Dai Pu, Guo Lulu, Evelyn Wong, Lize Ogun, Wang Lin
Design: 2018.07 – 2018.09
Status: Completed