Daipu Architects is currently looking for: Senior Architect, Architect, Interior Designer and Intern.

Senior Architect

  1. Bachelor or higher degree in architectur. 3 years of working experience in architectural design or above;
  2. Having systematic considering and sorting of the structure, materials, and detailed nodes required for building deepening; Having certain research ability;  Experienced in various projects is preferred, like hotel, commercial complex, high-rise office buildings, public buildings and cultural projects;
  3. Be a positive motivator and team leader, having well-established leadership and skill sets, have the ability to be a great manager and supervisor. Keep up with fast pace of our office, strong anti-pressure ability and be willing to travel on business trips;
  4. Strong team leadership skills and ability to understand, communicate, and execute the ideas of the director architect. Strong skills in communicating with clients, construction teams and consultants;
  5. Proficiency in Maya, Rhinoceros (Grasshopper), AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and related software;
  6. Have deep design background, and familiarity with technical information of the project and relevant specification;
  7. Passionate about architecture industry, strong sense of responsibility. Strong team spirit and interpersonal skills are also needed;
  8. Working experience in a well-known architectural office will be preferred.


  1. Possess a bachelor degree or above in Architecture. Have design sensibility, demonstrable design ability;
  2. Assist the senior architect, complete the design work and participate in the construction supervision.
  3. 1-2 years of experience in CD, SD, DD phase;
  4. Proficiency in Rhinoceros(SubD,Grasshopper),AutoCAD,Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office,expertly Lumion/ Enscape /C4D is preferred;
  5. Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork. Would like to supervise construction site;
  6. Keep self-motivated and know well in gaining new knowledge;
  7. Love Architecture, be passionate; Excellent physical quality and psychological quality;
  8. Candidates with overseas study and working experience are preferred.

Interior Designer

  1. 3-5 years’ experience in interior design industry; Having overseas study and working experience will be preferred.
  2. Self-motivated and research spirit;Excellent physical quality and psychological quality;
  3. Proficiency in AutoCAD,Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office,expertly 3D Max,Corona and Rhinoceros(SubD, GH)is preferred;
  4. Bachelor or higher degree in design or related majors; The minimal internship period is 3 months or above;
  5. In-depth knowledge of interior design; Be familiar with furniture brands;
  6. Strong understanding of the connection between the architecture design and the interior design, design with the perspective of architecture;
  7. Have strong working enthusiasm, unique design philosophy or style. Excellent communication and teamwork skills would be highly preferred.

Intern (Architect/Interior/PR)

  1. Bachelor or higher degree in Architecture, Media, Design or art related majors; The full-time internship period is 3 months or above, and the interval during the internship period due to return to school and other reasons can not exceed 1 week, and need to explained in advance. The monthly internship salary is 2,500 / 3,000 yuan and meal allowance.
  2. Be familiar with software such as Rhinoceros(SubD,Grasshopper), Auto CAD. Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign;
  3. Strong design expression and model making skills;
  4. Good aesthetic sense and excellent graphic design ability, excellent inter-personal skills, detail-oriented and well-organized;


  1. Once employed, employees will get competitive salary and obtain the year-end guarantee of double salary.
  2. Employees enjoy five insurances and one allowance, overtime transportation allowance and annual leave.
  3. Offer afternoon tea, exhibition and lecture activities.
  4. The studio has a wealth of architecture and art related books for employees to reading.
  5. Group building travel activities.
  6. Excellent employees can get a recommendation letter for studying abroad.

Please send your CV and portfolio, with expected position and salary to this email: info@daipuarchitects.com

All files should be in PDF format without exceeding 10Mb size.

Your works in university shall be included in your portfolio.