guardian office
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Guardian Office is in Hengji Center,located at 18 Jianguo men nei street along Chang An Avenue in Beijing. Bejing Hengji Center is a 22-year-old office building, which was once rated as one of the " 10 Most Famous Buildings In Beijing " in the 1990s. As the business grows, the office environment needs to be reorganized and upgraded.

The task of design was to accommodate as many office workstations as possible in a limited area and enhance the comfort of the office.

The office space is divided into an open office area and a relatively private management office area.

In the open office area, the department director and team members can adjust the privacy of the office at any time through an electrically controlled glass partition board, and the use of curved circulation route enhances the flow and communication between different functions. At the same time, it also combines an archive area, a lounge area and a water bar to create an expandable, multi-functional and flexible space. 

The conference room and general manager's office near the west side can be used independently from the open office area for external reception and internal meetings; at the same time, a flexible circulation also facilitates senior management to enter and exit the company at any time.

In addition, because the building's façade could not be altered, but in order to improve the indoor light environment, we made use of the white metal panels on the ceiling to reflect the sunlight from the outdoors to expand the depth of natural light in the room, and at the same time, we made use of the existing structure of the bay window of the building's façade to design a reading area and some standing office workstations.

Project name: Guardian Office Guardian Investment Office
Project location: Chang An Avenue, Beijing, China
Function: Headquarter office
Type: Interior design
No. of storeys:1
Area: 666.724㎡
Client: Guardian Investment Holdings Co, Ltd.
Design team: Daipu Architects
Director: Dai Pu
Design team: Chen Xinmei, Guo Lulu, Chen Wanyu
Design: 2018.03 – 2018.04
Construction: 2018.05 – 2018.10