Daipu Architects Wins American International Design Award


The International Design Awards (IDA) recently announced outstanding works in five fields: architectural design, interior design, product design, fashion design, and graphic design. The two projects from Daipu Architects, “CCTV Office Renovation in Hangzhou” and “Anti-Domino No. 02 – Wood Mountain,” were selected in the OFFICE category and the COMMERCIAL category.


IDA is one of the most authoritative international design awards in the United States. It was founded in California in the United States in 2007 and is known as the “vane” of world famous design awards.

cctvThe first consideration was to build up a connection between 2 floors, the connection not only on physical space aspect, but also on psychological perception of people who will work here.  People who will be working downstairs or upstairs could feel the existence of the other part of colleagues, thus to create an ambient of teamwork.


We employ a set of new structural language in this project, to simulate the special mountainous space of Chongqing. The mountainous terrain is introduced into the restricted concrete space with integration of a more subtle scale of furniture. This amplifies the dimensional feeling of the space, and also introduces the more relaxed body gestures (sit, lie, squat, lean) of the Chongqing local people (as well as how a natural person in an old neighbourhood will behave) into such a scene of modern life.