Daipu Architects was invited to the exhibition “Curitiba International Biennial 2017”

On September 30, Curitiba International Biennial 2017 was opened at Oscar Niemeyer Museum in curitiba, the capital of barana, Brazil. China, as the first guest of honor, participated in the exhibition. Curitiba International Biennial is not only a Brazilian contemporary art event, but also one of the most influential international biennale in Latin America.


As the guest of honor for the first time, China concentrated shows the Chinese contemporary art in South America, the audience will appreciate Chinese artists and architects to realize the creative transformation and innovative development on the basis of adhering to the traditional Chinese culture. The series of exhibitions include “pulsating – Chinese contemporary art”, “narration – China contemporary youth art exhibition” and “skyline – Chinese contemporary architecture exhibition”.


Curator Fang Zhenning organizes the “skyline – exhibition of contemporary Chinese architecture”, centralized presenting contemporary architecture in China from a nationally representative sample of 80 projects, with the style of the modern Chinese new architectural achievement since entering the 21st century and the city appearance. Daipu Architects’ Tree Art Museum is also invited to participate.


Located at Songzhuang, Beijing, The Tree Art Museum explores the possibilities and boundaries between public and private space. The project attempts to introduce continuous and pluralistic experience flow in order to minimizing the difference between indoors and outdoors spatial atmospheres and blurring the boundaries between public and private spaces. By deforming the traditional foursquare courtyard and combining with the unique three-dimensional circulation of museum, visitors are able to receive not only different visual effect but also physical experience.